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Looking through your pics, I’m seeing a lot taken at really high ISO (3200) and stopped down apertures. I know that a large part of this is personal taste, but I think the portraits would come out nicer if you lowered ISO a bunch and widened aperture more. Xavier’s pictures were all taken at 3200 with narrow apertures. They were outside. You could have gotten the same shutter speed with lower ISO and a wider aperture and he would have stood out from the background better. The building is pretty darn cool looking but it shouldn’t be the focus of the photo either. Reyna is another one taken at high ISO even though she is outside in the sun. Whichever filter is on the second photo in the stream looks funny to me but that could be the monitor I’m on right now. Guitar guy shutter speed was too slow (it’s a good thing he can hold super still). This one should have been shot higher ISO or wider, maybe a combo of both.

The photos that you are shooting with a wider aperture though aren’t focused well. The really wide one, the girl against the yellow background, the background is in focus, not the girl. Veda isn’t in focus at all either. Well, it looks like her scarf might be in focus but her face definitely isn’t.

How are you using AF with your photos? If you aren’t already take advantage of the other AF points you have other than just the center one. Use AF on the subject’s eye. Definitely read (or reread if you have already) your camera manual section on focus. I would also practice a lot more with a wider aperture so that you are able to get sharp images with the narrower DOF.