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I have been debating on the music thing for a while..i had two songs. i now have only one and the stop button is huge is easy to locate (in my opinion of course) I love how it gives off a feeling that i want..so im debating on losing music or getting a better song best suited for a site.

that maternity session was held in the country on a farm. the shoes are baby boots that were meant for the future son (who is now a year& half old and following his daddys footsteps lol) we did some shots by theĀ cornfieldĀ but the fact it was my first time with that, i don’t feel the images were that great to showcase (she loved them of course :D) that photo pretty much sums up that session for me..i didn’t really see it in a different point of view (just the mothers and mine) so it might look like adult boots?