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I’m confused.  Your website is clean classic black, with a nice round legible font providing your name.  Your portfolio is again classic, majority black and white images, with a classic clean feel.  But the water mark on only some of the images is Lilly and daisy, with bold color, a fancy, fun, scrolling, less readable font, with (at first glance) what appears to be paw prints splashed about.

Then I click on your Facebook and we are full blown country polka dots and scrolly stamps with the same type of more classic type portraiture thrown in.  Your description says fun Lilly and daisy, play in the park, but your images don’t say that at all.  I found one session of images that match your description and look all florabella action like that’s all the rage right now and would fit in with the templets and brand you are using, but the rest, nope they just don’t fit in.

Then I went to your blog that matches the templets on your Facebook, and the welcome that also matches.  And then back to your website.  There’s no flow at all.

When I look through your images there is also no flow to them, and I have no idea what your style of photography is.  What will I get if I hire you?  Lilly and daisies, classic studio, blurry selective color,  framed effect edits, clean edits, bold saturation of color, black and white, high key, outdoors with hazy sun flare and pastels?

Time to self examine.  Clean things up and simplify.  What do you shoot reliably and consistently?  Who are you trying to attract?  What direction are you taking currently?  Where do you want to end up?  What do you want to do more of, and what images will sell it best?

Also your cow does not belong on a portrait photography business website.  Consider making a personal project portfolio or website for your cow shots and other art.

Clean, redirect, simplify, then decide what type of branding best sells your photography services to the clients you want to attract.  Turn off the desire to look at other photographers work.  Concentrate on you and your work only.  What do you feel when you look at certain images?  Are there some that you would love to delete, but don’t because you are afraid others like them and it’d be a mistake?  Nope, delete them from your portfolio if they aren’t representing  your photography properly.  Anything you don’t want to do again, and don’t want requests for, get it off your business page.

after you clean up and revamp ask again to get critiqued, it’ll help