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So, ok. I’ve been reworking my website, my blog and my Facebook site trying to tie them all together thematically. I’ve taken down the photos I don’t feel reflect my current vision. I fixed the slideshow on my website homepage so the photos are all oriented correctly and have a consistent look and feel and updated my website’s portfolio pages, breaking them into specific categories (i.e., animals, children, sports, etc.) I redid my “About” page in an attempt to be a little more direct and to the point, less flowery and more honest.

Please check out the following sites and let me know your thoughts:

http://www.Facebook.com/LilyandDaisyPhotography <—I haven’t taken down all the photos, but I’ve added new ones.

http://www.LilyandDaisyPhoto.com <—Reworked the main page, will fix the font soon.

http://lilyanddaisyphotography.wordpress.com <–Totally redone.

https://twitter.com/LilyandDaisy <—Still not completely happy with the header. Will fix soon.

A couple of points:

-The Web Site is a stock design. I like the colors and the pattern, but I HATE the font. Changing it is a huge pain, but I’m working on it and will update it soon.

-I live spitting distance from one of the most famous Ghost Towns in the world and one of the oldest military bases in the West which is why I went with a more classic look and feel.

Thank you for your help, especially user “I hate Fauxtography”. I’ve learned a lot in this process. I took a huge step back and tried to look at my web presence and my photos through honest, unbiased eyes, taking off my “mommy goggles”. It was initially tough to do, but I am grateful for the help you’ve offered. I focus a lot on learning photography, lighting, digital editing and so on, but I’m a one-woman show. I don’t have a degree in marketing or sales, web design, or any of the other myriad skills which running a photography business requires above and beyond photography itself these days, so I feel I missed an important part of the face of my business. I hope that’s fixed now.

I really hope I’m not a ‘fauxtographer’. I’ve been watching this site for some time and I think I’m at least a little more skilled. I know I’ve made some of the same novice mistakes a lot of folks make, so I’m glad I have you all to catch me before I end up on the highlight page.

Here is my solemn promise: (1) I will never do a wedding for free “just for my portfolio”. (Even with regular portrait building for friends I only offer 5 web-size, branded photos which they can download from my website and an option to purchase prints at 50% off) (2) I won’t shoot for $25 and give away all the copies with a release(!) and, (3) I won’t advertise cheap services on Craigslist.

Thanks again for your time. -Val