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Wow, you definitely went the extra mile. I asked about the portfolio on the link I sent and you found everything I think I have on the web!

It stings, and I suppose it should. The truest pain hits closest to home, and you stumbled into my self-doubt, my worry and the niggling little bug which has been crawling through my brain. I’ve noticed a lot of photographers have a consistent look and feel from their blog, to their website, to their Facebook page. In truth, I’ve been thinking of each of these things as separate entities and as you pointed out, I shouldn’t. I will come up with an overarching theme which I think most closely matches who I am and who I am looking to attract.

And that takes me to the photos. I thought I was looking for a technical critique on the images, but in keeping with your overall critique,  you looked for the way they all tie (or don’t tie) together. Yet another thing I’ve been worrying about. I’m in a small town and a fairly saturated photography market so my error has been an attempt to throw a bunch of spit balls and make it look as though I can shoot ANYTHING(!) I can’t, actually, and I don’t want to. Thank you for calling this to my attention and not being “my mom on Facebook who thinks everything I do is amazing”. Your honesty is refreshing. I am attempting to be the photographer for everyone and am actually becoming the photographer for no one.

[Deep breath.]

Ok, when I first read your review I wanted to cry, but I found my big girl pants. Thank you again for your review. I will reevaluate and revamp. I hope you’ll be here when I get back.