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Also one thing I noticed, with the recent shoot of the two little kids, I can’t get past the distracting logos and words on their shirts. Maybe you do counsel clients before their sessions on outfit choices, and whether or not they (or their parents) choose to take your advice ultimately is up to the client. If you don’t already do this, consider doing so. Either via phone or email before the session I talk to the clients about outfit ideas and remind them to try to dress in coordinating colors (not necessarily the same colors) but keeping the intensity of the colors similar to each other, minimizing distracting patterns like bold stripes and polka dots, making sure to wear clothes that aren’t too revealing (unless it’s for modeling photos or the like) and to avoid logos and words altogether. I love their knit striped pants but it would have worked better if they had plain, dark-colored tops on. Recently I did a large family session where the grandfather wore a shirt with “Hurley” in big letters across the front. I cringed a little when they arrived and I saw what he was wearing, but you can only do so much. They were super nice people though.