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Thank you, it might just be my personal opinion, but I really like the vignette framing that I use for my images. I have a few of my random photos around the house framed and I think they give it a nice touch, granted these framed images are mostly black and white and also of landscape. When I edit the RAW image, I absolutely refuse to go beyond -30 in the Vignette range. I think I’ll keep the ‘heavy vignette’ for my landscapes and try staying on the 0 – 15 range for portraits. Only way to really learn is through experience! 🙂 (As for the other photos on the page, many of them were older photos from 3 years ago, some I retouched, others I processed from the original JPEG.)

The image that you said looked like it had antlers– yikes. I cannot believe I missed that entirely. I have a shoot tomorrow so I’ll have to watch out for that. This was actually a candid shot. The blonde subject was hiding the fact he was chewing gum, and his partner turned to look and say “Seriously? Who chews gum during a photoshoot…?” They were really so much fun to work with. I’m really excited for spring, they’ve got their session booked when the trees start greening up.

As for the name, believe me I am working on it — haha! I chose this name WAAAAY back in the day when I had inherited my grandpa’s old cameras and he has a Konica that has a cracked lens. My friends and I were thinking up names for my photography (moreso for a username rather than a business) and we said something along the lines of “Broken Focus: Art Through A Cracked View” more so because I was trying to be edgy, and I was just starting out and had my very own copy of Adobe Elements and thought that Cross Processing was oh-so-cool. I would love to use my name, the problem is my surname just doesn’t sound right. “Emma Holton Photography” or “Holton Photography” just doesn’t seem to fit. The whole name ‘not fitting’ thing is somewhat of an unrelated issue as well. Maybe it’s just because it’s my OWN name, but it is something I’m hesitant about because I will be changing my name to Hoover when my fiance and I get married. Using the First and Middle name is genius though unfortunately, mine does not flow as beautifully as yours. 🙂