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They do look quite good. I had seen some of your work from your Facebook link, and these seem to be a good improvement. The first is a bit heavy on the vignetting, but not so much it’s a distraction. One near the bottom it looks like the guy has antlers because of the placement of the tree behind him, not terrible but it’s something to watch for when composing the shot. Sharpness looks good and exposure is mostly correct.

One thing that bothers me, is not about your images at all, but your business name. Maybe it’s just me, but “broken focus” kind of implies a technical problem with equipment, lol! Psychologically it just kind of bothers me. If you really push for this more professionally, I’d reconsider the name. When I first considered doing photography for hire I thought the name “Flash in Time Photography” sounded really cool but then the more I thought about it, the cheesier it sounded (along with a billion others were under that name on Facebook, even though I had thought of it all on my own) and then I thought, well I’m shooting typically with natural and available light, not even with a flash, so it just sounded dumb and I changed it to my first and middle name which is much more original and helps people easily equate my business with me. Some do first and last name, but I thought ahead for the time when I’ll get married someday my last name will change.