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How familiar are you with using a CPL filter (circular polarization)?

Remember that there are two layers in a CPL…

Hmm, my CPL is a Rocketfish 67mm Circular Polarizer, and it does spin on the ring, but I don’t see multiple layers? Link: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Rocketfish%26%23153%3B+-+67mm+Circular+Polarizer/1048476.p?id=1218213534593&skuId=1048476&st=rocketfish%20circular&cp=1&lp=3

My UV filter is also from Rocketfish and included a ring to allow it to step down to 62mm. Not sure what that’s for, since my lens is 67mm: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Rocketfish%26%23153%3B+-+67mm+UV+Lens+Filter/1048591.p?id=1218213533601&skuId=1048591&st=lens%20filters&cp=1&lp=2

Back to the CPL. I know it does rotate on the ring but I never considered studying how the angle of the filter changes how the picture looks. I’ll work on that! The filters I used previously were for my traditional SLR, where I primarily used b&w film, so I had the various shades of red, yellow, and blue filters, to change the tones of the light that hit the film. I don’t know ANYTHING about DSLR/color filters.

When it comes to “portraits,” I prefer the look of candids over posted pictures. I’ve never been satisfied with the expressions of people when they pose, but the natural expressions captured in candid shots are much better. When I know someone is taking my picture, the “spark” of personality they are trying to capture disappears, and I see that when I am the photographer too. I am always impressed when other photographers capture images that do not lose that “spark.”

I will look into ND filters. I already know they will be very useful to me, based on your description. Any tips on using the UV filter or any other lens filters I should consider?