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I spent the first 10 minutes just trying to figure out what it was that you wanted us to look at.

Sorry about that, I looked at the page after I posted the link and realized that most of the posts are about the recent giveaway where I volunteer. Try the Autumn 2012 album:



I use the rule of thirds, and the composition triangle. I usually love my SOC work, but then someone that I know and respect in real life as a pro photog told me that I need to add an S curve to my shots so most of what you call “oversaturated” is adding the S curve. And I do admit, I often have some minor (1-5 degree) rotating to do.

Same location different seasons? Done. After you check out Autumn, check out “Spring in her step” which was my spring album. I was not satisfied with most of my photos from that trip so there are only a handful of photographs there. I don’t see my snow photographs in my Facebook albums, but the snowball on a branch on the Zenfolio site is one of the winter photographs… and all at Camp Pine Woods.

Most of the editing is an attempt to reduce the size and quality for Facebook and frame and watermark so that my photos can’t be borrowed – Its already happened.


You pointed out my biggest problem – direction. Honestly, when I go out shooting, I don’t have a plan. I take a walk in the woods and I look for whatever catches my eye. I’m usually looking for deer, but I haven’t seen any while my camera was handy this year.


I have taken some portraits, but I have yet to be paid, so I guess that keeps me in out of Fauxtog status still. I have turned down requests to shoot 3 different weddings now – I know I’m not ready for that responsibility!!! But after discussing prices for engagement shots with one couple it was clear that they were hoping for Chase Jarvis quality for a $50 deal.


Um this is one of my favorite portraits from my personal page but its not well composed:



This one is well composed, but  you wont like the editing:



It looks like you are shooting midday or in the bright sun.


Actually, I am typically not. The Autumn album was taken in the early morning and a good portion of my favorites were taken in late evening light or on cloudy days. It must be the S curve that brightened it up too much.