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I just need glasses to read (aging sucks!), so I have no experience with contacts.

The LCD is great for shots that are really close to the ground or way over your head, either arm’s length or at the end of a monopod.  Sometimes it is also useful for macro work.  Grip is important.  If you can’t brace the camera against your face, it should be on a tripod.  You can’t hold a point & shoot still at arm’s length while trying to compose , focus and shoot.  It is almost impossible with a dSLR.  On a tripod, the only drawback to the LCD is short battery life.  It is a good solution for landscapes facing the sun; it keeps your retina from being damaged by the focused sunlight in the viewfinder.  If you fry the sensor or the shutter, you can always get another camera.

Don’t trust the LCD when reviewing photos.  It is great for ensuring everyone had their eyes open, or that the person who dodged in front of you just as you released the shutter was either slightly early or late and is not in the photo — or that you have to take another one.  For gauging exposure, learn to read a histogram.