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I agree with everything IHF just wrote above. Except I did see a couple of shots that has promise. The one shot with the curve road imo is one of your better shots. In addition ot everything IHF said and to expand on it.. Learn the rule of thirds and eventually you will know when to break that rule as well. To keep it simple when looking at something to photograph think about what it is you really want to see in the image. Then think about how to compose your image so a complete stranger will know what you are wanting them to see. One more thing that I think will help your landscape photos greatly is pick another time of day. It looks like you are shooting midday or in the bright sun. Try to avoid this. I think that will improve a great many shots just by being in differnt light. Look at what other people are doing. Here is an expample of one of the best landscape photographers I know.  http://www.facebook.com/#!/fuphotography/photos. He is a master of light. But like IHF said. If you love it keep doing it. That is the only way to get better.