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“@MBC – that brings up a question – is there any way to “lock down” the diopter once you have it right?  It drives me crazy sometimes . . . .”

As browneyedgirl89 already said, the diopter is that tiny wheel… On a few bodies like the Canon 1D, the diopter is hidden behind the viewfinder bezel.  You take the bezel off, adjust to suit and put the bezel back on.  This effectively locks it since it is completely covered and almost impossible to accidentally move.  On other bodies it is exposed and seems to move every time you touch the camera.  Checking that the grid lines, meter, shutter and aperture numbers, etc. are all sharp is the most effective way I have found to ensure focus. In the days of manual focus lenses and film bodies, there was a split prism in the viewfinder to aid focus, that seems to have been dropped when auto-focus arrived.

If your eyes are outside “normal” vision, you may be able to purchase a diopter that fits over the viewfinder.  The rubber bumper comes off and a new one goes on, containing a lens.   I believe they work in conjunction with the regular diopter adjustment so you still get some range of adjustment.