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…Diopter… um, yes… gonna research what that is. I don’t know how to fine tune my autofocus yet. I read the meat of that article too late to do the steps I should have done to fix the autofocus. In fact, I could not find where I adjust my autofocus in the camera at all. Thankfully, my manual is in my camera bag, so I can read for that solution.

Single center point or multi select point… yes… again I have no idea. It’s probably set to multi select point since a half-click will show a scattering of focal points, but it typically will reduce down to 1 focal point before I finish the click. However, I am often frustrated by the autofocus but I cannot trust myself to manual-focus because I am severely near sighted.

Here is another example of my autofocus frustrations: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151088022194087&l=29147f9cea