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HDR is stupid.

I disagree.  Photos which are the result of bad HDR technique might be stupid.  I could agree with that, I think.  HDR is just a tool, like split and graduated ND filters.  Done well, the result gets “Wow!  How did they do that?” or no one notices HDR was used because it is just a really well exposed photo.  Done for effect you get a cartoon look which I have seen done exceptionally well only a few times, so it is a bit like a fish eye lens in that respect.  Certain aspects of it get old quickly.

If you shoot fashion, you can plan (and probably frequently have to plan) days, weeks or months in advance.  You choose the locations, get permits, hire models and make up artists, and perhaps have the luxury of choosing the time of day.   If you shoot events, news, travel, or do street photography, you have the location, light and scene as it is, and in a second it will be different so you either deal with it, or you miss the shot and it is gone forever.  Different styles, perhaps different tools, different budgets, different results.  Apples vs oranges in lots of respects, but light is still light.