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You know what, BEG, you are right! I was remembering the A520! I got it for my birthday later that year. I used that guy for so long and then retired it after my trip to India in 2010. It’s sitting on my desk right now. I love that little guy. So many cameras now don’t have a manual setting unless you get into the medium-higher end point and shoots. I used to encourage customers to learn manual all the time and try and show them the benefits in the store.


Blueeyes, I think you may want to reschedule… unless you’re fully confident you can deliver quality work. The other thing is you ought to change your “About Me” on your facebook page to reflect the fact that you are not a professional. As it stands currently, your page is misleading. I still see the postings saying that you are accepting slots for weekends as well.
You should not be scheduling clients until you are ready to provide your best work to your clients. It’s what they deserve.

Currently, you should learn with what you have and if you’re going to invest in a lens, invest in a prime. A prime lens is one that does not zoom and is a fixed focal length. 50mm and 85mm lenses are great for portraits. Likewise, you could invest in a far more costly/high end telephoto in the future as well. No one here is expecting you to start out with the latest and greatest, but currently you are not equipped properly if you are only working with a kit lens. That’s why I recommend you stop taking paying customers immediately. You seriously run the risk of getting sued.