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Well said, iliketag, and I agree with what Sarah says. If a person approached me and said “Hey, I want you to make just the flower here look red and the rest of it gray” I would probably say that I prefer to not do selective coloring like that since it’s a fad that is no longer popular (not to mention I don’t know why it ever was, different subject…) and if they REALLY persisted, I’d give them the normal edit and then the selective color one but not post it in my portfolio. Last summer a senior boy’s mom asked me to change the color of the stucco wall of a building that was the background. It was a cream color, and she wanted to see it in blue and then in green. I reluctantly did it and showed her. Needless to say she did not ask for those photos. Ha! It just looked stupid! Generally, a person is going to hire me because they’ve seen my work and like my style. They’re not going to ask me to change it.

On the accent thing… lol. I haven’t heard the British term “pants” meaning underwear. I also didn’t know “knickers” was only for women’s underwear. I do say “bubbler” though, and I love confusing people from different regions with that one. “White soda” is anything clear, sweet, and carbonated, usually citrus-flavored (like 7-Up or Sprite). When my mom was a kid, however, they called soda, “soda pop.” Most people here say “soda” now. I worked with a lady from Tennessee and she has lived here for 7 years and still has a perfect southern accent. Most people lose it after awhile. My friend had a job in TN for about a year and when he came back to WI he sounded like he was from the south! I love southern accents, especially my country music, but I don’t like “redneck” accents (like the people on Here Comes Honey-Boo-Boo). There is a difference in my opinion.

I don’t know how that person said everyone in WI is fat… lol. Sure there are plenty but not everyone. Mostly when you walk into a Walmart.