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Ooh, this got much more interesting now.

Blueeyes, no matter if you think you are a professional or not, the moment money starts changing hands and you advertise yourself you are in fact a professional photographer. Being that you are subject to scrutiny and frankly your shots aren’t where any self respecting photographer would want them to be.

Nobody is trying for you not to have fun, especially if you have a disabled hubby and you do it together. However to put this very bluntly, you are not good enough to charge money for what you are doing and let’s face it, have you paid tax on your earnings? Have you got insurance? Have you got a business licence (or whatever it is called around your parts)? With your prices I’m guessing no, this is also part of the problem.

In fact, if you want I can give you constructive criticism how you can easily improve your shots if you want.