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What I’m trying to do is cut through the noise and explain what is really causing the effects we see. That a crop sensor actually crops, that the density of photo sites on the sensor affect the size an item in your image appears when viewed on your monitor at 100%, and that if you keep everything else exactly the same and just change a full frame sensor for a crop sensor, DOF does not change because all you are doing is cropping. You could take the photo with a full frame body, then print it and get out scissors to crop it… you would not expect DOF to magically change in the print, why would you expect the crop sensor to change DOF, if you were doing the same by changing bodies?

I agree with you but the effect is that of a shallower DOF in FF because of the difference in focal length needed at a distance. We suddenly won’t start framing our shots differently because it is a crop sensor, this is the important part. The effect gets more obvious the closer you have focus to the camera