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Flickr has sets.  Sets are useful to me when I shoot an event.  All the photos go into a set, the photos and set are tagged to display to family and friends, then a guest pass is created and sent to those who might be interested in that set of photos.  If the photos are tagged as anyone can see them, then they show up in the photo stream and are mixed in with everything else.  If you search Flickr members for memyselfandi_photography, you will see the photos I put into the threads here.  When I log into Flickr, I see there are 230 photos but if I don’t log in, there are only 88 photos.  If you click Sets, you will see one set called Structures.  You can see the same photos at the bottom of the photo stream.

Flickr is free with any email address, or at least with any Yahoo email address.  I have one that is tangled up with a Rogers address but it is old and Rogers had an agreement for a while that provided a pro Flickr account included with the Rogers service.  My other Flickr account is just associated with a single email address.  Yahoo email accounts are free too.

Create a new email account or use another existing one and create a fresh Flickr account the way you want it to look for the intended application.  That way you can keep work and personal photos separated.