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I kind of like the one with the umbrella, though it’s a shame the boy’s face isn’t more in view.

I wonder if the person holding/tossing the baby is wearing a chroma key suit. Just for shits and grins I did a “flying kid” photo of one of my neighbors’ kids. Technically it’s mostly a matter of using a tripod and layer masks in PP, but artistically getting that pose to look natural and “flighty” is hard as hell. I finally explained to my model, who was balancing on her stomach across a bar stool, “It’s like planking, but not quite so stiff.”  After some post-production I showed her the images. She was impressed, but then again, she IS only nine years old and hasn’t seen what I can do with HDR and spot-colour.

The little guy in that slideshow will probably get a kick out of those pictures a few years from now, but when he’s a teenager, he’ll probably be willing to pay good money to have all copies of those images rounded up and destroyed.