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if most of those shots were taken during golden hour, you don’t have a handle on how to use it properly.  Dappled light, harsh shadows, lost of detail, squinting etc…

I just assumed you charged with the way you are marketing yourself.  Even your blog post says something about a prosperous new year for your business and what not, and I saw an ad for $25 minis (not that that’s charging, but it’s why I linked for you)

It may prove to be very difficult to price to be profitable after giving your services away for free, and without the quality of your work being higher.  Usually when people are shooting for free they don’t advertise/market, so they don’t shoot themselves in their own foot.

I notice too that it doesn’t seem that you are selecting your focus and instead having the camera select where the focus lies.  Look up in your manual how to select your AF point/points and get that focus nailed.  Lot’s of blurry faces and blurry eyes in your port.  I hope that helps