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This is a review of the speed editing class. I felt that I do need to put it out since we all need some reviews before we buy something. About me I know Photoshop decently well.

This editing is not meant for beginners in Photoshop. Its an utter waste. Reason the editing dives into parts of Photoshop that is not easy to understand for a beginner. If you know Curves, levels, color balance, solid color and other adjustment layers well then it might be for you
The editing is fast. So fast that you dont even have time to take notes. In the end you will just know what process she used. Is it Curves, levels, color balance, solid color or etc. Thats it. By the time you write something done she would have gone few steps ahead.

Its not worth it since I felt I just say her editing but I did not learn anything specific but I got some direction on how to get the look she gets. I think thats her aim. She does not want to give people her exact settings so that they can duplicate it but to just give a hint. And you on your own have to experiment.

She alters the facial structure. If you see a video of image submitted by meg to FroKnow photo podcast you will see that she has altered the structure of the face to make it appealing. Am in for removing blemishes but altering the shape of the persons face, eyes is up for debate.

You cannot see the video again. So there is no way you can see each step to understand it at your pace. This is where I found that its not worth it.

To sum it up. Its not for beginners, it goes so fast that you feel that you paid too much for just seeing a very fleeting glance of how she edits. I just wrote what I learn and this is all what you will remember too.

Am sorry Meg. I felt that I need to put in the review just like we do it in Amazon so people can make a better decision about the money they are spending.

A better alternative is to check out Lisa Holloways editing. She offers a much better deal. You can see it later on. Understand why she does it. And its way way worth it for the money she charges when its on sale.