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Caveat emptor sums it up perfectly lol! I don’t know if I feel sorry for these guys or not. Part of me does as they seem to be putting themselves in a stupid situation as they lack basic skills yet the prices the company charge don’t reflect that – i.e. they aren’t exactly low. So I just don’t understand how these guys make any money at all. They do ‘free’ shoots and then the client can buy or not – but at about 15 times more than 20 canadian dollars.

It may be Cassie, are you in the UK? If you are then it may not be, as here there is another company that solicit the maternity wards and take the most disgusting photos of your baby you could imagine – they may be cute as hell later but most babies look like aliens when they’re first born! When my first daughter was born she had to go on a week course of anti bi’s so we stayed for one week. EVERY day the same woman came in to ask me if I wanted her photo done, I was like, you ask me every day and every day I say no thanks.

My camera doesn’t have auto mode either. I’m only amateur and sometimes when I’m feeling ultra lazy a little part of me wishes it did but I agree Bill, I’m glad it doesn’t 🙂 I also agree it’s who’s behind the camera, this company are certainly testament to that.