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lol are you kidding me? You came to YANAP to comment on an 8 month old thread just to say Worst case was rude?! lol

“how are you thinking of making this a career?” Is a legit question that when answered less defensively and more informatively can really help direct a critique in a helpful/insightful direction.

“Sunsets and flowers never pay to have their picture taken” (and the like) has been said for as long as photography has existed. Paired with the question above, and you have what every student of photography has heard at least once to help kick them in the ass and get real with what they want out of it and what their goals are.

“Your pictures are ok but, nothing we haven’t seen before”. Just a very true statement. Content IS important in any visual field, don’t you think?

Then he goes on to say which pictures he felt worked best.

How was any of this rude? Are you just the OP with a different/new profile or something? If so… Ignore all of the above and just read this…

Wow! Cool! Nice shots! Amazing! Fantastic! I’ve never seen anything like these before! You are so talented and creative! You are sure to make millions off of your pictures, it just a matter of getting them out there and marketing them! I know some people who know some people who were looking for pictures just like these. I’ll send um your way!

if you are not the OP WTH?!