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 I’ve been taking some lighting and editing courses at a local community college

As far as lighting and editing goes……. you might want to ask for some money back.

Your first pic is blue, the second is better but needs better lighting to bring out the face, the third pic is the same girl as the first, but now she has bright yellow hair, the fourth pic,the girl needs fill flash to bring out the eyes. And she looks like she’s in front of a burnt out reflector. The fifth is almost burnt out on one side but so dark on the other that you can’t see the blue helmet. The sixth is cold (blue) again but with the bright yellow hair, and the seventh is a terrible cut out and the guy seems to have a crack in his head. I could keep going but I think you have got the idea.

Sorry but it seems like you worst problems are lighting and editing!

The BW pic of the dog has the best lighting.

I’m afraid you are no where near the standard you’ll need to start a business yet. Sorry.