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WCS, I did remove some after reviewing them from your comments.  My instructor and I will be going over these together to work on what I need to improve with these.  We haven’t gone into Color balance yet, however, I have been using the White Balance settings on my camera and I rarely use the tungsten setting.  I see what you are saying with those 2 pictures though.   I will need to work on my color balance and the type of light I use.

JustAndy, thanks for the tips and I will definitely try that out.  Hopefully with that it will help me to eye these things better in the future.  I know that these aren’t very creative, but I am just starting with portraits.  I’ve always done just inanimate, nature, and some animal.  Learning a new thing is always hardest at the beginning, but I am determined to do good and be good.  I am always open for tips to improve.

Thanks again to both of you.