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Ok, it’s been broached; the WB/Color Balance.  This isn’t a huge obstacle, a cheap fix at this time may be using a whibal card/grey card at the beginning of your shoot.  As long as you don’t adjust the set up a model shot with the card will allow you to correct the color temperature in post.  Here is a quick link to the basic ideas of using one;


Overall I think your shots are pretty standard and should be acceptable to clients.  While there is a lack of originality/creativity, remember that this is not always a bad thing.  Consistency is good.  Nothing is worse for a client than a photographer that delivers brilliantly once, but then falls apart on other shots.

Maybe a rim light added to the shots with pure black backgrounds to provide some separation; the dark hair melts into the black and you may find people don’t like this… Ok, about all I got at this time…