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Thanks ebi and Camaraclicker for critiquing in detail.  It helps me to view my shots in a different way so that I am able to see what my flaws are and what I need to really work on.  I have a rim light but wasn’t sure how to utilize it and will need to work on that.  Coloring seems to be a big thing with me and I’m not sure if it’s me or the monitor I’m using but will strive to get it right.  I’m getting a grey card like JustAndy suggested to help me along with that, and I also did a one on one with my instructor on how to use a grey card to get my shots where they need to be.


I love closeups, however, I will work on moving out of my comfort zone to try new things.


Detail will be my new word of the year and I am going to make sure that I pay very close attention to it.  LOL.

Thanks again guys and I appreciate all that you’ve helped me to see with my work.  I will keep shooting and improving!