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Reber appears to be sitting in front of the scrim that’s the middle of a 5-in-1 reflector kit, and the cover reflectors seem to be scrunched up at bottom-left.  It would make a good wrinkle free white background if it filled the frame but as is, it just looks sloppy.

Halo must be watching for cats!  The flank is bordering on burned out.  Good looking dog, though.

Princess’ light makes an 8 year old look 80!  There’s a hair in the middle of her right eye, her left hand is cut as is her right shoulder.  She looks like she held a smile so long it hurts.

Butterfly might work as a the first few frames of a movie but as a photo it’s just a lump.

The football shot would benefit from rim light.

The first Lia Jane’s background looks wrinkled.  Is it supposed to be pale green, or white?  I wonder if it would be an improvement if she turned just her eyes toward the camera.  It is a good photo of her.  The fourth is not as good as her others.

None are terrible but none make me say “Wow!” either.  Pay attention to detail.  Keep shooting.