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@ KPanz- be mindful of getting the exposure correct in camera before adding vintage effects.  You have quite a few blown out whites and blown skin on your images.  If your camera is capable of showing “blinkies” in the preview, I’d recommend that.  Basically, once you take an image and preview it, all the portions that are overexposed or underexposed will blink.  You have an instant on the spot indicator that you need to make adjustments.  There are caveats, of course.  If you’re photographing something with a pure white background outside, that will blink. What you should be looking for is blinking on white clothing and skin.  Even white shirts and dresses should show detail and not be washed out.

@browneyedgirl 2000 on the long end is way too big.  Nothing more than 1000 on the long for FB.  I’ll see if I can dig up the article that addresses proper image sizing for FB that came from the FB folks themselves.  Remember, you have to size for the majority of computer users.  Your pro friend probably has a huge monitor and 2000 on the long looks good to him.