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Like Nairby says, you have a good start. You’ve got too many shots to comment on everything so I’ll stick to the cosplay section. The shots of the guy with the husky are way ahead of all the others. They actually have a feel about them. Everything else is very staged looking and too brightly lit. I don’t mean over exposed, just overly bright ( even some of the night shots).There’s no atmosphere in any of them. Super heros have a secret life and they live in the shadows. Yours are shot in the desert in bright sun shine. The Jedi’s are the good guys, they are repelled by the dark side, but you shot them at night (so you see the light sabres?) Yet you didn’t have the light sabre turned on in one of the best shots.

With actor friends you’ll have plenty of opportunities to shoot some more. Keep trying, but try thinking about how the finished shot is meant to look before you start shooting.