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You seem to have a very strong grasp of portraiture, which is great. My grief is that you don’t necessarily want to post all the images from a session. For example, the album with the dark red headed woman with curly hair has several poses but not a lot of “wow” factor. The images are good, but there’s nothing that stands out for me. With a lot more custom photographers cropping up, it’s hard for me to fall in love with basic headshots. If the album was for headshots, I would recommend to make an album specifically for that and narrow the number of images posted to around 3 per unique shoot.
I understand it’s tempting to post all the great shots you get… but if you show images that feel repetitive (even if they may not be exactly the same) you’re going to start to bore prospective clients.

I really encourage you to continue to grow and exand. You’ve got talent, don’t squander it on the ho-hum!