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Here’s another clipping path company for you Photo Trims  It’s all about that clipping path isn’t it?  Just can’t find good clipping path services anymore, what with all kinds of people opening up shop and selling their clipping path services… well… it’s hard to find the quality in the clipping path service industry anymore, am I right?  We are always talking about the clipping path over here, and how God Awful it is to find a good clipping path service to fit our needs.

Perhaps you have heard of Photo Trims?  They too use stolen unlicensed imagery to sell their editing services to the photographers, who have created the imagery they use to try to sell their clipping path services.  In fact you use quite a few of the same images that the other clipping path service has used…. hmmmmm….

Continue to spam us here and you might find out what happened to the other clipping path service I mentioned.  Using other people’s work to promote your business and attempt to sell to the very people you steal from, isn’t a great business model.

Oh and BTW

Screw YOU