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1/45th, f/4.5, ISO 1600, 24 mm?  The second one is 1/30th, f/4, ISO 1600, 22 mm?  So we are using the kit 18-55 zoom?

Let’s back up a bit.  Obviously something provided directional light, but what?

First off : Your assumptions are wrong I used my lighting kit and backdrop. I never use the pop up flash.

Why are we left to guess?  And we are still guessing…  There are lighting kits and then there are LIGHTING KITS!  Is this lighting kit a couple of 85 W daylight balanced fluorescents in 24 X 24 softboxes, half a dozen 1000 WS strobes, or somewhere in between?  Based on the photos presented, I’m thinking the former, or perhaps the version with a couple of 120 W incandescent bulbs.

The first question:  What equipment do you have?

The second question:  Is Melissa Stoddard Photography a business?

The third question:  Why did you choose low key for the photos presented?

The fourth question:  How big is your photography space and what is on the walls, floor and ceiling?

Why all the questions?  My assumption is the lighting kit is something like Westcott’s kit:  http://www.henrys.com/60039-ERIN-MANNING-HOME-STUDIO-KIT.aspx,  but I could be wrong.  If you got that kit, you received a DVD you can put in your player to watch Erin show you how to use the kit, including placement of the lights.  If we tell you to put the third light behind them at 45 degrees, ten feet up, about six feet back, that won’t fly very well if you only have standard eight foot ceilings, and only two lights on six foot stands!  Knowing what you have and where you are trying to go will be a big aid to helping you get there.