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Julia, glad you found a photographer and hope the best for you.

I am glad to see that you “seem” like a person who understands that you sometimes get what you pay for. Now, it may not hold true for every photographer, some charge good $$ and still suck (to be so blatant).
Now some may see your $7,000 price tag for a photographer and freak out and try to say your overpaying. In the scheme of things, and of all the other costs of getting married, that $7,000 will go a long way over the other items.

Think of this:
How many times after you get married, do you bring out your wedding dress to show everyone, probably never, most would say, but maybe once every so many years or to hand down to your daughter.

The place where you have your ceremony, how many time will everyone gather back there to celebrate?

Of all the things that you spend money on for your wedding, who will honestly remember the food, the DJ, the place settings and so on?

That $7K you spend will last the entire length of your marriage (hopefully, it is a long one).

Video is nice, but in reality, not many people but the wedding couple really watch it, if they do it will most likely to see what shenanigans went on before the ceremony and during the reception.
Photos on the other hand, no matter if they are digital or print, can be shared without having to sit through the boring parts.

Good luck and enjoy!