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I am continuing to get emails from this forum I guess from my original post… sorry I didn’t post responses earlier.

Yes, we found our photographer. I took the advice of the cameraclick gentleman and looked in Manhattan. We found this company and hired him on the spot. We pointed out his website is out of date, but he said that’s because his wedding portfolio work is in book form, as is most of his other work. It’s beautiful stuff, not at all like your average wedding photos. Very unique and ‘artsy.’ We spoke to 2 couples who hired him, and they raved about his work.

He’s a little pricey ($7,250), but he’s shot for magazines, pro sports teams and high end weddings and other events. He also does video. He has a team of 7 people who work with him at the event – 2 photographers, one video person, and a few ‘extra’ runners to hold equipment and such.

Thanks for all the help. 🙂