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Erm, shouldn’t that read YOUR company? Why would anyone hire you if they can’t even see any examples of your work?

I hope you paid John Legend for the music

Now, if we then critique your photography (fauxtography) things get far more interesting. I see hilariously bad composition, vicious noise, lacking colour balance, severe focus issues, some random hipstagram effects thrown in, frequent use of the poopup flash/too much direct on camera flash, posed group shots where no one (!) is looking at the photographer, tilted horizons, I see a wrinkly backdrop, a photographer with jeans at a wedding (I really hope you aren’t taking on second shooters). I should really suggest if you use a password for your smugmug (very professional) you don’t select something that takes a whole 15 seconds to google.

Sorry to piss on your chips but why would anyone actually hire you? Your photos are sub par and your prices are out of faux land. I see lots of weddings in the list, I would have expected more than this however given your less than subtle advertising I wasn’t expecting too much to begin with. You proved me right.