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@Bill, if I had it my way, I would have done the shoot an hour before or near dawn! I’ve done shoots at the sign, but only in the daytime, and I tell people we need to go really early. This was a surprise shoot that she set up for her husband and she had other things scheduled, so it HAD to be close to sunset. I know that the parking lot is close, but it’s small, and when I arrived, it was full to the point where the line was slowing down traffic.

As for setting shoots on the Strip, I try to do exterior shots as much as possible. That way, by the time security gets to me, I’m already done shooting. So far, I had no problems with security in Downtown because the last time I went there, my husband was my human lightstand.

Bill, I may need to get your personal email because I would like to know the ins and outs of shooting in the LA area. I’ve been wanting to shoot at Griffith Park at night and the lights at LACMA. I frequently travel to the area, as my family still lives there.