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Twice I have been receiving CC on these forums about my flash-work not being really great and needing to scrap it out of my portfolio. These were usually shoots that were done at the most popular Vegas tourist locations like the Strip or Fremont Street Experience. I’ve been told to use off-camera flash, but because these areas get crowded on top of having security hassle you because you’re a “professional”, it is hard to do any off-camera flash work. For even the most seasoned Vegas photographer, getting a permit to shoot from the casinos is nearly impossible, so we have to sneak and take pictures discreetly.

Fortunately, there are no security guards at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, but it does get really crowded. Yesterday, I did a quick shoot with a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary and all the odds were against me. It was crowded and it was windy,  so setting up  a speed light on a stand was not an option. It’s a hassle dealing with the crowds and carrying a speedlight stand and sandbags.  Also, there was no one who could help me and become  a human lightstand and hold my speedlight. So my only option was to use my speedlight on my camera and a small 11×7 softbox. Well these are the pictures. Do you think a flash bracket would have helped?