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Okay, the Holidays are over and it’s time to get back to business!

Just got back from Philadelphia and had time to think while on the plane about getting some of my projects off the ground and getting my ass more motivated. With that said, I wanted to share some good tidbits of information I found that may help you.
I don’t take credit for these, since I did not write them, if you want to see the originals, you can Here.

10 reasons Your Photos Suck!

Bad Lighting
You’re Making Excuses
Wrong White Balance
Motion Blur
Poor Depth of Field
Shooting at the Wrong Time
You’re Trying to Impress Others
Poor Composition
Too Much Photoshop

10 Reasons To Critique A Photo

Where is the visual weight?
Are there any distracting elements?
Is the exposure/metering correct?
Would it look better through a different focal length?
What is the background doing?
How is the composition and balance?
Does the photo require post production?
Is the color accurate?
Does the depth of field suit the photo?
Is the photo cliche?

10 Photography Clichés You Should Avoid To Improve Your Photography

Fowers, Pets and Sunsets
Fake Lens flare
Vintage iPhone Apps
Unnecessary black and white
Selective Color
Dodgy borders and garnish
Over-saturated HDR
The “Dutch Tilt”
Heavy Vignetting

Again, I did not write these, but I agree with a lot of them, while others have there place. Feel free to add to them or add your comment.