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Please forgive my spelling as I have been consuming mass amounts of adult beverages tonight.

Not sure a ring-flash would have done her justice for this type of shoot given her distance and location. Not trying to start a debate with you Nesgran, but Just going by her final results. Obviously, she knows the area better then I do, I am vaguely familiar with it, since I have been there a few times over the years.

A ring flash is great for those up close an personal portraits and general overall lighting, after all it is a strobe, be it from a flash or an actual strobe unit. The ring-flash has a 2 fold design, one to provide direct lighting to cancel out any opposing shadows and 2, to create a nice circular catch light in the eyes of the subject.

Not saying you are wrong Negran, but given he distance to the subjects, not sure if she would have fully benefitted from using a ring-flash opposed to a standard speed-lite.
I went on a shoot and actually forgot to pack my strobes but did pack my ring-flash, overall it is a strobe so it wound up working out. Not fully as I intended, but it still worked. So the ring-flash may have helped, maybe not, doesn’t hurt to have an extra tool in your toolbox.