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@CC – yes, had do do another skim coat of spackle, had some slight imperfections I did not like, so I just got done sanding, again. I tell no lies, that I look like a powdered donut when all is said and done. 3 filter masks so far and I still have white gritty boogers, sorry, no real other way of saying it.
As for the usage of spackle, it may be used for tile, not sure. I always have called it thincoat, but I think that may be a brand name, like Bandaid bandages.
BTW, I got mine at Home Depot and yes water-sanding is much easier but can sometimes leave the surface uneven. Mine is overhead, so the water would be running down my arm, and I hate that.

I have a rudimentary system of getting rid of the dust. Open the door and place a large fan in it and blow it towards the neighbors that I don’t like, lol. I am sure with all my efforts, that I will be dusting like crazy for the next few months.
My wife is in London at the moment, so I have limited time to tear up the house without her intervention.