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Alarnold, you can hit me up through my flickr page thingy.  LA is one of my more favored places to shoot, but not my local area, but more than welcome to help out.  Also, the “Urban Lights” by Chris Burden, wonderful place to shoot, but also full of people.Here were a couple I did from there, nothing done but RAW adjustments.

Lights 1
Lights 2

– If this was during the ceremony, that is a good one. Without knowing the full layout and what you had available it’s easy to just say use this or do that. You’re are kind of stuck there if you have no say on the positioning of the wedding party. Using a flash for fill is going to blow out what skin is exposed to the already harsh sun but it will fill in the shadows and using a scrim may not be a good idea during the ceremony. After the ceremony, that is a totally different story. Then at that point re-position your party to more appropriate lighting or use the scrim.
Just curious, were you the”official” photographer or were you just trying to get good photos during the ceremony?