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In today’s Star, Henry’s has Nikon umbrella kits on sale for $99.99.  They are good kits, you get a stand, umbrella, bracket and bag.

Umbrellas spill light and if outdoors, catch wind.  They have their place though, and $99.99 is a very good price.

Westcott, Rogue, Lastolite  and others offer alternatives:

Bob Davis’ video shows a couple of Westcott options.  The Halo is an umbrella with a back that minimizes spill and helps prevent the wind from catching it.

Here is a video with Rogue modifiers

Joe McNally’s blog (http://www.joemcnally.com/blog/) sometimes has placement diagrams so you can see how he set up a particular shot.  He is a fan of Lastolite which is a more expensive line, but it is well made gear.