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Thanks everyone!

Nesgran, thanks for the tips.  I’ll work on framing people / not cutting off feet and double check for level horizons (with the film stuff I did no post – not even levelling/cropping).

Stillthere, I did some minor adjustments in aperture to that photo with the light trails but the sky was kind of lucky timing, it was right at dusk so the 5s exposure got quite a bit of light.

I’ll also think about changing the cover picture – for some reason I really like that shot with the fisherman silhouetted… hadn’t really paid much attention to the bin (and certainly hadn’t thought about it looking like he’s fishing from it!) but now that you guys have raised it I see how dominant it is!  If I was a photoshop savant maybe I could remove it.

Also per your comments, I’ll probably fold the “cycle” shots in to the NYC galleries, I agree they’re probably not worthy of their own set.  And probably do some general culling, particularly in the film galleries. Again I’m not trying to sell anything here, just share some of my favorites. There’s probably something to be said for really making it a “best of the best” selection.

Thanks again!!