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I have to admit, I was hoping that was an option. R recieved another message from her as follows:

As I know the basics and learning more and no you never asked nor did you tell me you wanted or needed different edits cause I would have done my best to learn something new and correct them for you guys as I do my best in making all my clients one hundred percent satisfied and treat all my clients very special and each one mean a lot to me. I am so sorry you were so unhappy. You should have came to me and also asked. Yes I was speaking as get prints post on websites upload on websites to order from websites etc not have another photographer edit them post on her photography page etc. Those are still my images and I would have done my best to make you a satisfied client. You could have asked me I could have gave you a copyrighted release. She could have asked me and put my name on them so that way we both get credit. She does beautiful work and would love to learn more and we both could get each other business. I am still learning and would love to be taught more, just can’t afford classes. I do the best job I can. I am done talking about it. I will contact her tomorrow and talk to her as this is between us. You gave her the verbal agreement. I could give her a form to sign and it will all be okay but I am done talking about this for now. You should understand where I am coming from if you were me!

For the record, I did not want to be dragged into this. I just wanted to make a friend happy by fixing what should have been done by her or rather, a real professional. I spoke with R and she explained that she couldn’t get a photographer to shoot her wedding because anyone she contacted wouldn’t call her back. I’m not staking claim in the initial photo, and giving her credit where its due so I don’t see how or why I would have had to personally contact her about it when she gave verbal consent for the cd with the images.

Will post with what she says to me. Totally looking forward to that message. /sarcasm What cracks me up is that C had received a text message from her accusing me of being a petty photographer and a thief. Now she wants me to work with her. Really?