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I should have posted an update much sooner than now but I’ve honestly just not given this any more thought as the entire situation is just too stupid to comprehend.

In the long run I spoke with the clients and told them they could print the images and use them in their home. Cami, the photographer agreed to me making the edits and since then, I have removed the images from my page. Good riddance.

Looking at it now, I was desperate to get ‘fresh’ work on my portfolio and since then I have gained more work since coming back into it after a long hiatus and I can say with confidence that I wouldn’t want anything that relates to her ‘work’ to be represented on my webpage. Ever. To this, I am disappointed in myself & as I reflect on it now, shows poorly executed professionalism on my part. In Kansas, (as I’m sure any where else) if you are trying to get a business in photography launched, it’s a cut throat business. I turn down work daily because clients don’t like that my cheapest portrait session runs them around $250 when they can go to fauxtogs like this “Cami” and get the work done with pocket change.

As it stands now, C & R are in the process of getting the funds together to hire an attorney to help them take her to small claims court. Sure, it’s a measly $200 bucks but their wedding was something to be remembered and now because of this fauxtog, those memories are clouded with skewed Dutch Angles and poor underexposed edits.

The sad thing is that C & R are not the only ones to come to me to help ‘rescue’ their photographs, and I explain to them (in as polite a way as I can muster) that due to legal obligations, I am not allowed to and that they will have to consult with the original photographer. They SHOULD have hired a professional, but I can understand that

I honestly don’t think I could ever pull off the amount of work that a Wedding session would demand. I’d much rather stick to classic portraiture and call it good. At least, for now.

I will say that I have learned so much from this experience.

By the way, a sincere thank you to everyone who has shared their advice and knowledge about this topic. I have greatly appreciated this advice before consulting a legal professional. It helped me know what to ask and what to expect when I had made the phone call.