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Thanks everyone.   And @stef, I never thought about her getting traffic from here, but I suppose I should have.  The post title probably didn’t help either.  Thanks for taking time to give me input.

I really appreciate all the feedback.  Like I always say, I’m still trying so hard to learn and like to keep my feet planted firmly on the ground with real expectations.

I agree though that you don’t need all of it at once to take a good picture, but limits options.  I am not even close to a pro and I know I’m limited in my lenses sometimes when I try to get pictures of my own kiddos.  I realize it will take time and am trying to save as much as I can to pay as I can afford to do so with cash.  And my “wishlist” is only lenses and a camera body upgrade (mine’s over 3 years old and not a full frame).  I have so far only been working with natural light.  Though I need to expand my horizons when I can master that.