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Ok, never mind… I took you at your word, my mistake. IHF and I cross posted, and after reading her post, I searched for you and found you on Facebook. You’ve been charging for over a year.

Since you ARE styling yourself a pro. I have a completely different evaluation for you.
UN……………..let it arrive……………….acceptable

I run a photography competition every year, last year we had a contestant enter who was 14 years old and taking her very first class in photography. I am not exaggerating when I say I’d recommend her over you any day of the week, based on skill alone. The fact that you out and out lied to me when asking for an evaluation tells me you KNOW your work sucks and you didn’t want us to call you on it. It also makes me suspect that you wouldn’t hesitate to be completely dishonest in your business dealings as well.

In my opinion, lying to people and telling them you’re a pro, then lying to them telling them they are going to get good pictures, then taking their money, then lying to them telling them their pictures turned out great so they will provide you with another unwitting victim is nothing short of fraud.

You are a fauxtog, the worst kind, the kind that knows it and charges anyway. You want my evaluation and advice? Quit, quit today, and never pick up a camera again. You disgrace us all.